Doorbell Cameras

These are almost a no brainer. The great thing is they are super affordable and I recommend them to everyone. These devices allow you to see who is at your door on your cell phone. Know when the kids get home or your package has been delivered. These can be tricky to install & get working properly but we can help.

Security Surveillance Cameras

Doorbell cameras and network cameras are easy but for real security you need much more. We also install real surveillance systems in homes and businesses where many more cameras for true evidence and protection are required.

Home Security and Automation

In an uncertain world we can use technology to help keep us safe. With 25yrs experience in the alarm industry I have seen it all. There are lots of cheap systems being sold that are more gimmick than substance. If you are serious about your security we can help. A top of the line system can monitor security but also help control lighting, door locks, heating and air, energy consumption, water leaks with automatic shutoff, smoke and fire, carbon monoxide, and many more. These systems can also let you know when your kids get home or the cleaning lady arrives. Remote access is a must have for vacation homes.