Speakers and Sound


If you don't know about Sonos yet you are missing out. You can start small with a sound bar for your TV then expand later to speakers in every room. Sonos gives you access to almost limitless amounts of music and almost anything you can think of can be playing anywhere in your house within seconds. The whole system can be controlled from your phone or tablet/computer. Sonos is the most requested and most raved about system we sell. My customers absolutely LOVE this.

Installed Speakers

If you want nice sound but don't want the speakers taking over the room then in-wall or in-ceiling speakers may be the answer. These can be used for a home theater surround sound or for whole house music systems. They install flush and can even be painted so they disappear; all you see is your amazing home.

Larger Venue Sound

Need background music for your business? We can help. What about a 20,000 sqft indoor riding arena? No problem. Want a night club experience? We will ROCK you! Just give us a call. I got into this field because of my love for music and have worked with more equipment than you could shake a stick at. I have seen the good to the bad and I will help steer you in the right direction.