TV & Home Theater

TV Installation

Nothing drives me more crazy than walking into a beautiful home and seeing wires hanging from the TV. With a professional install you can have the TV hung on the wall with all the wiring concealed. You splurged for the new TV now invest in a clean professional install that keeps your biggest investment looking sharp.

Home Theater

Why go out to the movies when you can have a better picture and sound right at home. If you have the room the options are limitless: no traffic, no sticky seats, no missing the best scene because of bathroom lines. From mild to wild, you really can have it all. Please view our photos for some great ideas.

Remote Control

So you have all the great equipment and a system that blows everyone away but you also have a half dozen remotes and you are the ONLY one that knows how to use it.   We can make the system easy to operate from a single handheld device that even your babysitter can understand. A single button press will have you watching TV.